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is to create a sugar-smart community. Our platform technology based on yeast fermentation allows us to create rare, functional sugars which carry health benefits far beyond the sweetness that sugars are usually associated with. 


We make


complex sugars with prebiotic functions. These sugars are not energy sources for humans; instead, they selectively feed the beneficial bacteria living inside the human gut. This, in return, promotes the immune system and the nervous system. Read more about the health benefits here.

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Our team

Kulika Chomvong co-founder and CEO

Kulika Chomvong

co-founder and CEO

Chaeyoung Shin co-founder and CTO

Chaeyoung Shin

co-founder and CTO


Kulika received her PhD in microbiology from UC Berkeley and her B.S. from University of Pennsylvania in chemical engineering and and B.S. in economics from the Wharton school. Her expertise is in pathway engineering, protein engineering and systems biology. 


Chaeyoung received her Ph.D. in chemical engineering from UC Berkeley, and her B.S. in chemical engineering at Seoul National University. At Sugarlogix, she develops continuous fermentation operations, builds scaled-up processes, and designs separation processes.

Yong-Su Jin co-founder and co-inventor

Yong-Su Jin

co-founder and co-inventor

Jamie Cate co-founder and co-inventor

Jamie Cate

co-founder and co-inventor


Yong-Su is a professor in the Department of Food Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. He is our mastermind in engineering the metabolic pathways of yeast.


Jamie is a professor of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology and of Chemistry at UC Berkeley. He is the genius behind the complex sugar synthesis in our yeast.

Steve Pietsch advisor

Steve Pietsch



Steve has been a process engineer in industry for 40 years. He is an expert in scaling-up and process design.







Location #1: 2151 Berkeley Way Rm 320, Berkeley CA 94705

Location #2: 479 Jessie St, San Francisco CA 94103

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